Techniques/Materials Explored

Below are some of the many mediums and techniques you will be exploring and learning to master your craft.

Oil Paint Sticks


Few,  know how to manipulate and exploit paint sticks to their potential. I will show you how to master them with ease and confidence.


Sepia Secrets

Learn how to use sepia to remove the intimidation of a blank canvas and let it strengthen your relationship to color. You'll vastly improve your understanding of lights and darks, which, will loosen up your entire painting experience.



Learn all there is to know about Printmaking. Solar Panels/Etching is a very precise, yet, fun craft to excel at.



Poor compositions ruin paintings, no matter how good a painter. I will show you how to direct the viewer through your paintings to have impact.

Painting Large


Painting with ease on a large canvas is foreign to most artists. You will experience the powerful benefits of painting large and loosen up your relationship to painting.



Master this potent craft and you can apply it to fabric, paper and much more. I'll show you the "how-to" and you can create your own designs and t-shirts using one of the world's best presses, made by Tackach.

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