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Act of Dog


Mark Barone painted 5500 portraits of shelter dogs to depict the number of shelter dogs killed every day and to help recover our lost humanity.

He believes that, art, when used for social impact, can be a powerful vehicle for educating and elevating consciousness.

Barone founded the charity, An Act of Dog, because he is dedicated to the well being of our best friends and interested in helping kids use their creative voice to become great leaders.

If you love art and animals, take a moment to visit his charity and show some love.

9th Grade Print_edited.jpg

Paint with Purpose. 

Make your Mark.


Social impact art engages kids at a depth that is critically important for their development of empathy and compassion.


Facing issues, helps kids learn about the real world and how their choices and artwork can potentiate more humanity.

Mark's students paint with passion about what matters to them and get to experience the power of free speech in all of its glory and why that is essential to our well being.

Art has the power to reveal what is hidden from our view, so that, atrocities can reach the light to shed oppression and suffering.

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5500 Collector's Circle

Mark created a private, collector's circle because he wants all 5500 shelter dogs to be exhibited in the homes of animal lovers. Thus far, people are joining from around the world and creating stunning galleries with up to ten dogs adorning their walls!


This is a great opportunity for animal advocates to become a part of something special and collect powerful art.

Each one Mark painted, mattered, and now, their souls live on to save the rest. Open up your heart to a forgotten soul and honor them in your loving home.

Get involved and have one of these beautiful souls watching over you.

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